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Cote D'Ivoire Update

Update on operations in Cote D'Ivoire.

Challenges So Far

Affordable Sourcing of Biomass
The affordable sourcing of biomass ash raw material for the application of OPC’s proprietary licensed, patented technology, at a commercial scale, has been a challenge.  The team in the Ivory Coast has worked to identify companies that regularly produce ash in large quantities, and would be willing to partner with us.

Building Infrastructure

New Demonstration Plant
A demonstration plant which will process various concentrations of ash has been built outside of Abidjan, the economic hub of Ivory Coast. The equipment is installed and electrical and water trials are being completed.  Tests with ash will begin in the next quarter.

Renewed Testing

Proving our Technology
These tests will (once again) prove our technology right and provide us with a continuous stream of product samples that are critical for the marketing of our unique natural products.  The primary markets for our initial products will include manufacturers of fertiliser, livestock feed, natural soap, and cleaning products on the local market but also globally.

The NExt Phase

Testing "Enriched" Feedstock
As a next phase, we will use the demonstration plant to test the technical feasibility to “enrich” the ash feedstock with cocoa ash that naturally contains a higher concentration of potassium. The larger concentration of potassium in the feedstock will allow an increase in the production of 99% potassium carbonate crystals. With this unique product, we will target the food market while maintaining the sale of our co-products to fertiliser, livestock feed, natural soap, or cleaning product manufacturers.
Ultimately, our objective is to sell this premium grade product to cocoa powder manufacturers applying the so-called “Dutch Process” or to alkalise the cocoa beans before grinding at their local factories.
We look forward to updating you on our progress starting with the launch of the demonstration plant in the coming weeks.

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